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Hi! My name is Berfin and I'm a current student at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). I am majoring in industrial design and minoring in marine design. I will graduate in 2025 with a bachelor's in industrial design.

I get inspired by many different things, nature, culture, and history. I always tried to create new and futuristic things. As I am minoring in marine design, which is a part of industrial design, I want to design motor yatchs including my culture and nature in some parts of it. Making designs that resemble me always made me so happy and I think they have a deep meaning and I want to continue doing this. 


I've been drawing since elementary school, but during high school, I decided to attend an art school and it is when I started drawing seriously which is around 2017. While I am drawing and creating new pieces, I pay attention to every detail because I always believed that everything is in the detail. I love to share my work with people, as I think it helps me to improve myself.

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